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12 Disciplines Of Leadership Excellence

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In 12DISCIPLINES OF LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE, bestselling author and motivational expert Brian Tracy teams up with global leadership development expert Dr. Peter Chee to reveal simple, straightforward principles you can use to make lasting positive changes in your organization.

Beginning with the assertion that leaders are made, not born, the authors show you how to make the personal changes necessary for getting yourself on track to leadership greatness.

It’s about discipline. From creativity, character, and caring to competitiveness, control, and clarity, these 12disciplines are essential to equipping you and your people to excel and exceed even their own expectations. Tracy and Chee explain how you can master each and every one.

Read 12 DISCIPLINES OF LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE and learn the simple secrets to becoming an effective leader in a time when high-performing inspirational leaders are needed most.

Maximum Achievement

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The system you are about to learn can change your life. This book contains a unique synthesis of ideas, methods and techniques brought together in one place for the first time. The individual components of this system, however are not new; they have been learned and relearned throughout all ages of man. These principles and practices have been tested and proven by millions of men and women, and all great success is based on them.

The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

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Why are some people more successful in business than others, why do some business flourish where others fail? Renowned business speaker and author Brian Tracy has discovered the answers to these profoundly puzzling questions. In this eye opening practical guide, he presents a set of principles or universal laws that lie behind the success of business people everywhere.