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Le Foot – The Legends Of French Football

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In 1976, Bayern Munich broke French hearts when they defeated St Etienne in the final of the European Cup. It was a measure of the then State of French football that crowds lined the Champs-Elysees to greet the losing Les Verts. Twenty-two years later, the Paris streets were crowded again, but this time it was the World Cup winners they were cheering. French football had finally come of age.

Le Foot charts France’s remarkable rise from second-class footballing nation to worthy world champions. It describes the influence of Auxerre’s youth academy and the scandals of greedy money men; how CANOTONA became king of England and ZIDANE the world’s best player. It looks at how players like PETIT, BARTHEZ and ANELKA are increasingly acquiring superstar status, iconised by the music, fashion and advertising industries.