Moorad Choudhry

Author's books

An Introduction To Bond Market – Third Edition

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The bond markets have grown in importance in recent years and witnessed significant advances in design structure. The third edition of Professor Moorad Choudhry’s benchmark reference text An Introduction to Bond Markets brings readers up to date with latest developments and market practice. It offers a detailed yet accessible and reader-friendly look at the main instruments, and is aimed specifically at newcomers to the market or those unfamiliar with modern fixed income products. The author capitalizes on wealth of experience in the bond markets to present this concise yet-in-depth coverage of bonds and associated derivatives.

The Moorad Choudhry Anthology

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Anthology by Professor Moorad Choudhry compiles the best of this renowned author’s past superlative writings on banking and finance, together with new material that reflect the reality of digital commerce in the post-crash era.

This unique book outlines the author’s recommended best-practice approach to modern banking, covering everything from strategy and customer service to asset-li-ability management and corporate governance. It is no less than a “vision of the future” Of a sustainable and robust bank model.

Readers will benefit from re-engaging with timeless principles of banking that apply in every market and which are the drivers of good risk management discipline, as well as understanding and applying best-practice corporate governance an processes of strategy formulation that ensure long-term success.

The Principle Of Banking

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Banks are a vital and indispensable part of the world’s economy. It is imperative that they are managed on a sustainable basis, and in a way that assists global economic development. This book offers a comprehensive account of the essential principles of banking, aimed at senior bankers, regulators, board members and legislators.

Highlights of the book include:

  • How to implement successful asset=liability management (ALM) practice, the corner stone of every bank business model.
  • Tools and methodology for business best-practice liquidity risk management.
  • Recommended long-term capital strategy and corporate governance principles.

Adherence to the fundamental principles of banking must lie at the heart of all banking strategy. This means taking responsibility to protect depositor funds and ensure governance discipline.