Rachel Renee Russell

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Dork Diaries – Crush Catastrophe

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Nikki Maxwell and her BFFs are all counting down to the end of the school year. Nikki thinks she hasher summer all figured out with lots of fun plans to hang out with her friends and her crush, Brandon. Its going to be perfect! Squeee!

But then a new boy turns up at school and shows interest in Nikki and things become confusing super-quickly! The last thing Nikki wants to do is hurt Brandon…..what do you do when you accidentally crush your crush?!

Dork Diaries – Dear Dork

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Mean girl Makenzie is planning to use her school newspaper column to spread rumors about Brandon, so Nikki decides to join the paper to keep an eye on her.

But being given the role of agony aunt, Miss-know-it-all, definitely isn’t part of the plan…..At first answering letters is fun, but when her inbox starts overflowing, Nikki needs some help herself! Can she keep up with demand and stop Mackenzie from getting Brandon into trouble?

Dork Diaries – Holiday Heartbreak

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Squeee! Brandon, who Nikki has been crushing on FOREVER, has finally asked her on an almost-date! But when he starts acting weirdly and Nikki’s worried that Brandon doesn’t like her after all….

With a special dance coming up where girls ask boys, Nikki wants to ask Brandon, but what if she be brave enough to invite him, or will she be left at home like a true Dork-arella?

Dork Diaries – Party Time

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Nikki Maxwell is finally fitting in at her new school: she’s made two super-cool friends and her crush, Brandon has started to notice her. Hello! Seriously awesome developments!

Then Mackenzie brags about going to the school dance with Brandon, so Nikki agrees to go to their little sister’s party instead.

But when she discovers Mackenzie has lied, Nikki realizes her dream of going to the dance with Brandon could come true….with two parties to juggle, what’s a dork to do?

Dork Diaries – Pop Star

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Nikki Maxwell’s school is holding a talent competition and Nikki can’t wait to start practicing dance moves with her BFFs, Cloe and Zoey, and impressing Brandon, her crush, with her singing skills!

But then Nikki finds out that her arch-nemesis, Mackenzie, is entering the contest too, and she’s determined to hog the limelight. Can a dork like Nikki take on the most popular girl in school and win?

Dork Diaries – Puppy love

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When the animal shelter that Brandon volunteers at (how cute is he?) is too full to take a litter of abandoned puppies Nikki decides to look after them until the shelter has more room. Simple, right?

Ummn no!

Her parents won’t allow dogs in the house, so Nikki has to hide the pups at home and take them to school in secret but the dogs are a lot harder work than they look-and messier too.

Is Nikki’s plan going to end in a pawfully dorky disaster?!

Dork Diaries – Skating Sensation

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When Nikki discovers that Brandon volunteers at an animal shelter, she isn’t surprised-he’s super sweet! So when he tells her that the shelter is closing and the animals will soon be homeless Nikki wants to help too!

The school charity skating competition seems like the perfect way to raise the money they need, the only problem is that Nikki can’t skate…will she be able to transform from dork-on-ice to ice princess in time to save the day?!

Dork Diaries – TV Star

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OMG. Nikki Maxwell is getting her own TV show! Nikki and her friends were spotted at their school talent show, and now a reality TV crew is following her as she heads for pop stardom.


But while having cameras wherever she goes isn’t always fun, especially when its making things awkward with Brandon and Mackenzie keeps trying to steal the limelight….Is TV star one stop too far for Queen for the Dorks?

The Misadventures Of Max Crumbly – Locker Hero

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Max Crumbly is about to face the scariest place he’s ever been: South Ridge Middle School.

There’s a lot that’s great about his new school, but there’s also one big problem- Doug aka Thug Thurston, the school bully whose new hobby is stuffing Max in his locker.

If only Max could be like the heroes in all the comics he likes to read-or the ones he draws. Unfortunately, Max’s uncanny, almost superhuman ability to small pizza from a mile away won’t exactly save any lives or foil bad guys. But that doesn’t mean max won’t do his best to be the hero his school needs!