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The Years of childhood

“the canons residence was a story building in the parsonage square and it was stolid as the canon himself, riddled with black wooden-framed windows. Bishops court was also a storey-building, but only pupils lived in it so it was not a house. Only the school-room of primary school shared this closeness the woods which was inhabited by spirits and ghommids that made children permanently nervous, and chased them out when they had wandered too deeply in them for firewood, mushrooms and snail


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Itan iriri olokiki onkewe nni, Wole Soyinka Nigba ti o want omode ni Agbi ile iwe ati ni igboro Abeokuta ni o wa Bubu iwe yii. Eko pataki ni a ri ko nipa ooo omode lawujo yoruba ati nipa itan Abeokuta nigba ogun agbaya Keji ati nipa Ajah ara awon obinrin Egbo lo so iwe yii di koseemaka fun gbogbo omo Yoruba.

Climate Of Fear

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In this updated edition of Climate of Fear, based on the 2004 BBC Reith Lectures, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, further explores the many facets of fear which includes the extensive and persuasive hold of religion and spirituality; fear spawned by intolerance and the similarities between these and other forms of despotism.

Harmattan Haze On An African Spring

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‘Africa – concept or reality – is an acknowledged continent of extremes and, by the same token, it is hardly surprising that it draws extreme reactions. The increasingly accepted common ground, both for the negativities and optimists, is the admission that the African continent does not exist in isolation, nor has it stood still in a time-warp, independent of history.

A truly illuminating exploration of Africa has yet to take place. It does not pretend to take place even on the pages of this book, being content with retrieving a few grains for germination from the wasteful threshing floor of Africa’s existential totality.

The Burden Of Memory

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The nation that is Sudan belongs to two families of the world community Arab and African. These are structure, with the global recognition, as the Arab league, and the African union. It is depressing to observe the studied indifference of one-the Arab family-to the criminality of one of its members, a nation historically placed as a cultural bridge between two races.


The Man Lives

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An uninspiring and deeply defective constitution, corruption, unimaginative leadership, a hardening of ethnic distrust, the weaponisation of religion among other factors appear at every juncture to sabotage the dream of turning a British contrived nation space into a vibrant unified community membered by the volition of its constituent elements