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Dancing at Lughnasa

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There is no doubting we are in the thrall of as masterly a dramatist as the theatre possesses.’ The times

It is 1936 and harvest time in county Donegal. In a house just outside the village of ballybeg live the five mundy sisters, barely making ends meet, there ages ranging from twenty-six up to forty. The two male members of the household are brother jack, a missionary priest, repatriated from Africa by his superiors after twenty-five years, and the seven-year-old child of the youngest sister.in depicting two days in the life of this ménage, Brian Friel evokes not simply the interior landscape of a group of human beings trapped in their domestic situation, but the wider landscape, interior and exterior, Christian and pagan, of which they are nonetheless a part.

The Art of Kabuki

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This book contains an information introduction explaining the nature of kabuki performance patterns as well as the many variations in standard presentations. A helpful discussion of the different interpretations from the viewpoint of actors and critics precedes the text of each of the five plays included here – benten kozo, pulling the carriage apart and the village school (from sugawara’s secrets of calligraphy), Shunkan, and Naozamurai.