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Bank Treasury Management

4,000.00 4,000.00

* Covers existing and forthcoming regulation
* U.S. and EU legislation presented as well as FSA supervision in Britain
* This rapidly changing area is clearly explained
Financial regulations are expanding rapidly, and this book expertly summarizes them for the banker. The principal activities of the bank treasury function are set in the context of all the existing and forthcoming legislation and regulation in the US, Britain, and the EU. After covering risk exposure, this volume presents a legislative overview with in-depth coverage of its impact on the banker. Finally, the author deals with the markets and explains their rules and documentation.

Beyond Talent

4,500.00 4,500.00

John C Maxwell shows that talent is just the starting point for s successful impact in any organization. It is what takes you beyond your talent that matters.

People everywhere are proving him right. Read the headlines, watch the highlights, or just step out your front door. Some talented people reach their full potential, while others self-destruct or remain trapped in mediocrity. What makes the difference? Maxwell, the go to guru for business professionals across the globe, insists that the choices people make not merely the skills they inherit propel them to greatness. Among other truths, successful people know that.

Bubble Man

3,500.00 3,500.00

Bubble Man tells the story of the great American stockmarket bubble, its bursting and the role of the man who made it all possible – Alan Greenspan. Peter Hartcher provides a fascinating account of one of the biggest speculative frenzies in history, and how Alan Greenspan has managed to evade the blame for its fall-out. With Greenspan’s public retirement planned for January 2006 this will get a lot of media attention both in the business and general pages.

Business In Action: Apple

2,500.00 2,500.00

Business in action looks at a variety of famous companies to find the secrete of their success. Each one reveals a remarkable human story, from which the author draws conclusions about the basic features of any business. He explains the importance of people and products, finance and investments, training and research, advertising and selling and many more concepts in terms that everyone can understand.

Competitive Strategy

6,000.00 6,000.00


Competitive strategy has transformed the theory practice and teaching of business strategy throughout the world. Electrifying in its simplicity like all breakthroughs porter’s analysis of industries captures the complexity of industry competition in five underlying forces. Porter introduces one of the most powerful competitive tools yet developed. His three generic strategies-lowest cost, differentiation and focus which bring structure to the task of strategic positioning.

Don’t Get A Job, Build A Business

3,500.00 3,500.00

Anyone can start a business in Ireland, but it is vital that you know what you are aiming for if you want to make money from your business.

Many self-employed Irish people have a job rather than a business. It’s easy to be seduced into being very busy doing what you do and forgetting about the other aspects of building a business.

This book identifies the difference between a business owner and someone who works for themselves but has a job rather than a business. It offers practical suggestions to move from ‘having a job’ to ‘having a business’ and outlines the basic ingredients needed to run and grow a business in today’s Ireland. You will also find guidance on how to achieve the wealth and freedom you need to live the life you want.

Grow To Be Great

4,500.00 4,500.00

No company ever shrank to greatness, conclude Dwight Gertz and Joao Baptista. Drawing upon their new study of more than 1000 large companies, the authors argue that managers must move beyond the current wave of downsizing, restructuring and reengineering. Contrary to current management fads, they contend that companies must grow to be great. Managers now involved in downsizing must consider long term goals for growth alongside short term measures for slimming. Gertz and Baptista shatter population corporate myths by revealing that growth opportunities are everywhere across all business sectors even in stable industries and in companies too big to grow.