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Dork Diaries – Skating Sensation

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When Nikki discovers that Brandon volunteers at an animal shelter, she isn’t surprised-he’s super sweet! So when he tells her that the shelter is closing and the animals will soon be homeless Nikki wants to help too!

The school charity skating competition seems like the perfect way to raise the money they need, the only problem is that Nikki can’t skate…will she be able to transform from dork-on-ice to ice princess in time to save the day?!

Dork Diaries – TV Star

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OMG. Nikki Maxwell is getting her own TV show! Nikki and her friends were spotted at their school talent show, and now a reality TV crew is following her as she heads for pop stardom.


But while having cameras wherever she goes isn’t always fun, especially when its making things awkward with Brandon and Mackenzie keeps trying to steal the limelight….Is TV star one stop too far for Queen for the Dorks?


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He wanted to change his past, but first he would have to alter the future…

A new deadly drug is about to flood the streets of new York city. The police has no leads on who is producing the drugs, or where it is coming from. As far as Praveer Rajani, a ruthless Interpol agent, is concerned, the only way to prevent countless deaths lies in handful of mysterious photographs.

Robinson Crusoe

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Robinson Crusoe is not content with his life in England. He is bored and wants to see more of the world. His curiosity convinces him to him to leave his homeland and travel abroad.

Without telling his parents, young Robinson sets off on a voyage of discovery. During the years that follow, he learns much, not just about the world, but about himself as well. Following disaster at sea on more than one occasion, Robinson toys with the idea of settling down. However, his adventurous character gets the better of him and he boards ship once again.

This time, though, a calamitous shipwreck wipes out the whole of the crew and leaves Crusoe alone on a seemingly deserted island.

How is it possible for one man to survive in such a situation? Will he manage to leave or be forced to remain on the island?


Sherlock Holmes – And A Scandal In Bohemia

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Ha Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are asked to help the king of Bohemia find a very important photograph. It won’t be easy. The king’s former love, Irene Adler, has hidden the photograph. Holmes must don a clever disguise, stage a brawl, and even a fake house fire to find the mysterious image! But has Holmes underestimated Irene Adler?

Sherlock Holmes – And The Adventure At The Copper Beeches

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Is Violet Hunter’s new job too good be true?

Violet Hunter takes a job as a governess at the Copper Beeches. But she is puzzled when her employees ask her to cut her hair ad wear a special dress. Things get stranger still when she finds a lock of hair that looks like her own and a mysterious hallway. Violet turns to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for help, but is it already too late?

The Danger Zone – Avoid Working On A Victorian Bridge!

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  • You will need lots of stamina- this project will take 14 years of your life.
  • Before you can start, you’ll have to convince the doubters who say it can’t be done.
  • You’ll be working at great heights and great depths. Do try to take care of yourself
  • Two heads are better than one- marry a woman who knows a thing or two about engineering.